Project Description
PhysicalMeasure is a C# library for handling physical quantities by specifing value and unit. Scaling of units and conversions between multiple unit systems are supported.


This library is the C# implementation of the concepts of system of physical units. eg. as found on Wikipedia:

Requries .NET framework 4.0.

It can be used to represent and handle physical measures and calculations of physical properties.


For example like this

using PhysicalMeasure;

public void CalculateEnergyIn1Gram()
   PhysicalQuantity m = new PhysicalQuantity(0.001,;
   PhysicalQuantity c = new PhysicalQuantity(299792458, SI.m / SI.s);

   PhysicalQuantity E = m * c.Pow(2);

   PhysicalQuantity expected = new PhysicalQuantity(0.001 * 299792458 * 299792458, SI.J);
   Assert.AreEqual(expected, E);

PhysCalc console application

PhysCalc is a calculator using PhysicalMeasure to evaluate physical expressions.


Additional information from Wikipedia on SI units that I have covered in this library:
- SI base units
- SI derived units
- SI unit prefixes

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